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Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: Will you move the furniture in our rooms?

A: We can help you with a few pieces, but prefer if you have your furniture moved before we start the job. This will allow us to come in and get started right away. Don't worry, your rooms don't need to be empty when we get there! Moving the furniture to the middle of the room is perfect. We will supply the dropsheets.

Q: What paint colors do you use?

A: We use, but are not limited to, all Benjamin Moore color collections. If you find colors you love from a different company, we have access to them.

Q: Will you help me choose colors?

A: Our color background and experience allows us to help you with general color questions. We can help you narrow down your choices, or match a color to an item of furniture or artwork you want to use as a focal point. If you are looking for help choosing colors for your whole home, we can refer you to a decorator/color consultant we have known and loved for years.

Q: Do I buy the paint?

A: We prefer to buy the paint, for a few reasons. First, during our initial meeting, we can figure out how much paint you will need. Sometimes, based on the color and space of the area, more or less paint may be required than originally calculated. Starting with the minimum amounts and buying more as we need it will keep you from having to store large amounts of leftover paint. We also prefer to buy the paint because we have trusted products we use for different surfaces and projects. This doesn't mean you can't make suggestions! If you have a favorite paint company you want us to use, let us know. We have access to several local paint companies, and know the best products to use from each.

Q: Do you give paint estimates over the phone?

A: No we don't, and that's a good thing! No two homes are alike, and your vision for your home is different from everyone else's. We do in-home estimates so we can assess your home, your needs, and your vision, and give a quote based on all of those aspects put together.

Q: Are you insured?

A: We sure are! We are insured against damage and spills, and are happy to say, we have never had an issue with either! We are also covered against personal injury that we hope would never happen while working in your home.
 A: Give us a call!

We have worked in Orangeville, Hamilton Mountain, Grimsby, Ancaster, Dundas, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brantford, Niagara Falls, St. Catherines, Newmarket, and Toronto. We've even had a referral ask if we would go to Boston!
Q: I don't live in Burlington 
     or Oakville. Would you still come to my house?
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